has been redesigned with features for small business owners, fleet managers, fleet management companies, government agencies and special vehicle manufacturers. The Vehicle Showroom section features enhancements, such as enlarged exterior and interior vehicle photos for the 2006 model year line up. Within the Vehicle Showroom detail page, customers can easily access additional vehicle information such as order guides, competitive comparisons, crash test ratings, annual fuel cost and incentives. In addition, new features, such as a listing of new and upcoming GM vehicle launches, the GMAC payment calculator, and the Fleet Tools ID request page, are tailored specifically for business owners and fleet managers. The Web site also features a Fleet Discount Chart that allows customers to see discounts available based on the number of business vehicles they have. The Owner Center, located within the Small Business section, provides customized vehicle information, such as owner’s manuals, a service and maintenance log and service reminders. Existing features include information on vehicle order status, financing, eFleet Product Availability, a Special Vehicle Manufacturer Locator, a Commercial Truck Guide, and Service Programs.