A report from The University of Nottingham’s (UK) school of psychology has found that company drivers are the most dangerous motorists on the road, Fleet NewsNet (UK) reported. Examining contributing factors in 2,111 accidents from 1996-2004, the study found that fleet drivers were most often at fault for the crash. Speeding was a one of the biggest factors, while larger vehicles such as vans were faulted due to observational failures, according to the NewsNet report. Peak Performance, a driver-training firm, said the report displayed the importance of educating company drivers. "This study clearly shows the pressure that company car drivers are under and that companies are still not doing enough to train their employees," said James Sutherland, managing director of Peak Performance, according to the report. "Although much has been made in the media about the increased duty of care that companies owe to their employees, many firms are still paying lip service to the issue."