More than 1,000 of Indiana’s state vehicles have either been sold in the past two months or are ready for sale, according to a June 7 Associated Press report. The state had more than 13,000 vehicles last year, with many of them so old or with such high mileage that they sat unused or in disrepair. The goal is to reduce the entire fleet of cars, trucks, snowplows and garbage trucks that employees use in their jobs by 15 percent, said Kevin Ober, deputy commissioner of the Indiana Department of Administration, in the report. The agency also is working to know more about how the vehicles are used, along with their maintenance costs and how many miles they are being driven. “We need motor vehicles, but not 13,000 of them, more than one for every three employees,” said Gov. Mitch Daniels during his State of the State speech in January. The Indiana initiative reflects a countrywide effort for states to assess their fleets. “I don’t know of any state that isn’t still looking at fleet management,” said Dennis Halachoff, president of the National Conference of State Fleet Administrators, who works in the Arizona Department of Transportation in the report.