Allstate Corp. is testing a new auto insurance plan in Tennessee that promises to pay policyholder for an accident without a rate increase, according to an April 29 report on Allstate says it wants to shift the market away from an obsession with price and refocus attention on products and features. The “Your Choice” plan offers: • Accident forgiveness, either once, or one time every three years. Typically, drivers only get preferred rates if they've had no claims in three years. • Deductible rewards, which shave $100 off the deductible for each year of accident-free driving. • Auto replacement for cars that are totaled, rather than just paying the book value. • Safe driving bonuses at each six-month renewal. The product was crafted based upon consumer surveys asking what aspects of insurance they find most irritating, and how they would like it changed. Rates will still be based on underwriting standards, according to the report. Allstate is introducing the plan first in Tennessee, Utah and Oregon. The product will be refined based on those results.