Arizona state lawmakers proposed a measure this week that would provide a 10-cent-a-gallon rebate on the price of gasoline purchased within the state, according to the Arizona Daily Sun. Purchases made between Memorial Day and Labor Day would qualify. Backers hope the measure will stimulate the economy in the midst of the gas crisis. The rebate, which would come as a reimbursement check, is as much as $200. That would require buying 2,000 gallons of gasoline during the eligible time period. For a vehicle getting 20 miles per gallon, that translates to 40,000 miles during slightly more than three months. Someone who drives that same 20-mile-per-gallon vehicle only 1,000 miles a month, though, would buy only about 150 gallons over a three-month period, meaning a rebate of just $15. Those who drive more miles for business would obviously fare far better. Konopnicki predicted the revenue loss to the state might be no more than $15 million, which would essentially be a rebate of some of the gas taxes Arizonans pay. The proposal states that a rebate could be filed as early as Sept. 6. The deadline for submitting receipts runs through June 30, 2006, according to the Arizona Daily Sun article. The proposal is scheduled for a vote before the House Appropriations Committee.