The new W42 chassis platform from Workhorse Custom Chassis is the most significant advancement in commercial Class 2 to 4 chassis to date, the company said from the March National Transportation Equipment Association Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The W42 has a new International VT 275 V-6 diesel engine that brings 200 horsepower and 440 lbs.-ft. of torque into the service of walk-in applications. The W42 also retains the current gasoline engine options that include GM Vortec 4.8L and 6.0L engines. Workhorse offers the new W42 in GVWR ranges from 9,400 lbs. to 14,500 lbs., with wheelbases from 125 inches to 190 inches. A single-rear wheel option will also be available from 9,400 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. The new W42 replaces the P42 chassis that Workhorse bought from General Motors in 1999 and which, with some modifications, has been the staple of the Workhorse commercial line. “We are clearly leaving our GM P42 roots behind with this chassis,” said Shane Terblanche, director of commercial strategy for Workhorse. “This represents our next significant move forward in bringing new capabilities to the walk-in truck market. And, you can expect more such moves in the future.” Significant changes include: • New state-of-the-art, high-performance Brembo four-wheel disc brakes, which replace the previous Bosch brakes. • A new Westport Wide Track I-Beam front axle with a full 50-degree wheel cut. It has a 5-inch wider track than the Dana axle for more stability and better handling while replacing the previous 30-degree wheel cut. The rear axle track is also wider. • An upgraded transmission for its diesel application, the Allison LCT-1000 electronic 5-speed, provides smooth shifting and longer lifecycle. • New parabolic taper leaf suspension springs, front and rear, with custom tuned 32mm shock absorbers. • Rear axle ratio changed from 5.13:1 to 4.63:1 on the diesel application, which the company says will result in reduced prop shaft speeds and longer drive line life along with quieter operation.