The Chrysler Group will end production of the Dodge Stratus and Chrysler Sebring after the 2006 model year, Chryler's senior design chief, Trevor Creed, told Automotive News in a report published Monday. "If you do a two-door, people say it looks sportier, but that a four-door is more practical," Creed told the weekly. "There is no market for two doors." The decision does not impact Chrysler's two-door Sebring convertible because "impracticality" is already built into a convertible, Creed said. Sales of the Chrysler Sebring coupe were up 4.4 percent to 7753 units over the first 11 months of the year, compared to the same period in 2003. Sales of the Dodge Stratus coupe were off 2.1 percent in the same 11-month year-over-year period to 27 618 units, according to the report.