DaimlerChrysler has begun limited commercial production of its diesel mild-hybrid Dodge Ram truck. The Ram HEV will be available to fleet customers, according to a report in Green Car Congress. Called a “contractor special,” the truck will feature stationary generator capability. The Ram's electric motor will assist the gasoline or diesel engine at low speeds, but will not propel the vehicle on its own. Built on the Ram Heavy Duty (2500/3500) chassis, the Ram mild hybrid uses an integrated starter-alternator hybrid system to supplement a Cummins 325 hp, 5.9-liter turbodiesel engine with 600 lb-ft of torque. The Hybrid Ram engine is as an option in the 2004 model year conventional Ram. The conventional 2005 Ram offers the Cummins 610, a diesel with the same displacement and horsepower, but better emissions control and torque. Dodge will not offer a gasoline version.