PROVO, Utah--May 13, 2004--Raser Technologies demonstrated a battery-powered light utility truck a week ago at the National Clean Cities Vehicles show in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. It’s powerful enough to drive a vehicle and haul its full 1200 LB payload up a steep grade. The truck, equipped with a small inexpensive industrial electric motor enhanced by Symetron Technology, sells for under $12,000 and seems a good fit for maintenance crews, fleets, campuses, and parks. All-electric vehicles can operate more economically in a fleet by utilizing low-cost electric power priced as low as 24 cents per equivalent gallon in some states. The truck comes with an optional cargo cab, scissor lift, dump and tipper configurations. "We feel that Symetron technology can play a big role in helping fleet managers not only reduce their emissions by choosing electric or hybrid electric vehicles, but also help them to reduce their operating and maintenance costs," said Kraig Higginson, CEO Raser Technologies. Symetron technology is also being applied to larger motors for rapid transit buses, delivery trucks, and other fleet vehicles.