Bryan Moylan, 43, the former director of transportation for OCB Reprographics in Irvine, pled guilty today to 75 counts of grand theft auto and embezzlement. Moylan accepted a plea agreement from the Orange County District Attorney’s office and will serve a four-year state prison sentence. He has also agreed to aid his former employer in recovering the vehicles. The total loss to the company is estimated at $500,000. Moylan came to OCB from the Los Angeles Times as a driver and spent seven years with the company. His embezzlement scheme took two forms, said Ron Carr, an investigator for the Irvine Police Department. In the first type the leases had expired on 45 of the stolen vehicles. Moylan paid off the residuals to the lessor, Enterprise Fleet Services. Enterprise turned over the pink slips to Moylan, who in turn sold the vehicles and pocketed the profits. The other 30 vehicles were sold prior to the leases expiring. Moylan got caught, said Carr, when a person in possession of one of those vehicles came to OCB looking for the vehicle’s title. OCB hired a private investigator, who in turn contacted the authorities. OCB Reprographics is a $50 million graphics and blueprint company. The OCB fleet consists of about 108 vehicles, a mix of sedans, vans and pickups. OCB leases its vehicles from Enterprise under a 36-month open-end lease and runs them from about 150,000 to 250,000 miles. Moylan regularly extended those leases until 42 months, at which time OCB paid the residual and took title to the vehicle. Depreciation was often zero at the end of the 42 months. Though Moylan and his attorney are helping to recover the vehicles, recovering those first 45 in which new owners have clear title will be difficult. “Owners” of the 30 other vehicles with no title could face criminal charges, not to mention the loss of the vehicle. Carr said that at least one person in possession of a former OCB vehicle has been pulled over and had that vehicle impounded.