Networkcar, a Reynolds and Reynolds Co., is offering an equipment leasing program to its Networkcar for business fleet customers. Networkcar's finance leasing option is provided by Reyna Capital Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reynolds and Reynolds. Networkcar's leasing program is available to qualified customers who finance a minimum of $2,500. Customers have the option of selecting 12-, 24-, 36-, 48- or 60-month lease terms with a purchase option at the end of the lease. "I am excited to have the opportunity to offer Reyna's leasing program to our new and existing fleet clients," said Networkcar President Dave Dutch. "In today's constantly changing transportation environment, fleet operators need as many options as we can provide to help them implement advanced technology solutions while maintaining profitability." Equipment leasing continues to be a popular financing option with such benefits as lower up-front cash requirements, level monthly payments, conservation of credit lines, and tax advantages. Networkcar's system collects and organizes detailed automotive information directly from a vehicle's engine computer and location-based information from a global positioning system (GPS). Maintenance and operation information is transmitted wirelessly to an information center, where it is made available to fleets and car owners in the form of immediate e-mail alerts, summary e-mail reports or Web pages. Networkcar's technology is compatible with virtually all cars manufactured since 1996 and trucks manufactured since 1988.