Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) begins its seventh year in business in 2004 as the industry leader in production and sales of electric vehicles. The company, part of DaimlerChrysler and located in Fargo, is the maker of GEM neighborhood electric vehicles. About 28,000 GEMs are in use across the United States and internationally, in settings such as master planned communities, military bases, city, state, and national parks, industrial developments, central cities, airports, and college and university campuses. “We have established DaimlerChrysler as the clear industry leader in this segment, and we see strong growth continuing in our key markets,” Kasper said, noting that "California has been and remains our strongest market." GEM vehicles are street-legal in most states where they can be driven on roadways posted up to 35 mph. The vehicles have a top speed of 25 mph and meet all safety standards established by the Federal government for Low Speed Vehicles, including Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. GEMs are recognized as zero emission vehicles by California, New York and other ZEV mandate states.