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Food delivery orders placed monthly with businesses rose 19% from February to March and as much as 151% in April, according to data shared by OptimoRoute, a routing software for businesses.

Food delivery businesses using the software are growing by 14% week-over-week April compared to March. In just 10 days in April, food delivery drivers using OptimoRoute have covered as many miles as in all of February (155,673 miles).

Individual drivers saw an average 34% decrease in orders per single driver for the month of March but a 43% increase in miles traveled, suggesting businesses are now covering a larger metropolitan area.

On average, a single driver had 12% more orders in April compared to March and increased total distance traveled by 171%.

OptimoRoute clients’ monthly retail orders rose by 9% in March compared to February and has increased by 65% in April compared to the previous month.

Text notifications sent to customers through OptimoRoute tripled from February to May. Ten times as many text notifications were sent in April compared to February.

Businesses delivering food sent 140% more text notifications to customers in March compared to February. That number increased additionally by 228% in April compared to March. 

The same trend can be seen in businesses delivering retail goods: In fact, 167% more text notifications to customers were sent in March compared to February.

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