-  Photo: Larson Electronics

Photo: Larson Electronics

Door handles are hotbeds for bacteria. Even if door handles are constantly wiped down, there is still time in between, with enough people touching them, for new bacteria to grow and spread.

Larson Electronics’ IND-DW-FDL-UVC-SF.BX-2X-MS-KT Doorway UV Light Kit provides a hands-free disinfection solution for door handles. This UV device utilizes the germ-killing power of 254nm UV to kill 99% of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

This UV doorway sanitation kit for door handles features two powerful UV lights to clean both sides of the handle and a motion sensor to detect movement. When movement is detected by the sensor and has stopped for five minutes the UV lights automatically turn on and disinfect the handle from both sides for 10 minutes.

Originally posted on Government Fleet