-  Photo: American Eagle

Photo: American Eagle

American Eagle released the new 30P-E compressor, an electrically driven air compressor. 

The 30P-E reciprocating compressor is driven by a 48V electric motor and controller in lieu of a traditional hydraulic system. This allows the compressor to be paired with work trucks that are built on an electric-hybrid chassis platform. Whether the work truck is a van or a traditional service body, the compressor is a great complement to provide an air source for pneumatic needs.

The compressor’s small footprint, along with its weight of 225 pounds, makes it a great addition to a hybrid work truck where higher air consumption is needed. Even with its compact size, it produces a maximum air output of 30CFM and up to 150PSI of air pressure.

Consistent with all American Eagle Air Compressors, the 30P-E comes standard with: a heavy-duty crankshaft for smooth operation and long life; stainless steel reed valves for heat resistance and longevity; flip-top lid for easy service access; and canister air filters for easy replacement during preventive maintenance.