Ford Issues Two Independent Safety Recalls

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Ford Motor Company has issued two separate safety recalls for specific pick-ups and cars, but for different issues.

The first recall involves a fire risk. Specifically, the automaker is recalling an estimated 13,854 2015-2016 F-150 pick-up trucks equipped with 3.5L GTDI engines and block immersion heaters that were potentially relocated from their originally installed location. The incorrect location could put the heater too close to hot engine components, possibly resulting in a damaged cable.

A damaged cable, in turn, could cause a resistive short, increasing the risk of overheated or melted wiring, and the chance of a fire.

To fix the problem, Ford will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the block heater's location and its cable, replacing components as necessary, at no cost to owners. If the replacement parts are not available, dealers will disable the existing block heater cable from being used until parts become available.

The recall begins April 6. Ford's reference number for this recall is 20S08.

In a second action, Ford is recalling approximately 319 2020 F-550 and 2021 E-350 and E-450 vehicles because the rear axle differential fluid may be below the minimum level, possibly resulting in malfunction of the rear axle assembly and driveshaft separation.

If the driveshaft separates, there may be a loss of drive, increasing the risk of crash. Additionally, if the parking brake is not applied, unintended vehicle movement can happen which also increases the likelihood of injury or collision.

To remedy the matter, Ford will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the rear axle differential fluid level and adjust it, or replace the rear axle as necessary, free of charge.

The recall begins March 23. Ford's reference number for this recall is 20S09.

Owners may reach Ford customer service at (866) 436-7332.

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