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The elimination of paper from every workflow is a goal of most modern organizations. Changing from analog to digital is one of the most impactful ways to increase efficiencies in any business. Another way is to have an all-in-one solution where you get everything you need in one spot. Combining these two facets leads to powerful results for overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Enter GPS Tracking customizable forms

From invoices to work orders, there's a mountain of paperwork that landscaping businesses have to deal with frequently. If paper forms are still a part of your workflow, think about all the time spent by either yourself or office staff to sort through it each week. Now, think of what you can do if you were able to save all that time by utilizing custom electronic forms within a GPS tracking system. Let's dive into some of the main ways that landscaping businesses implement and benefit from this technology to save time and money.

Using Custom Forms for Invoicing

Because electronic forms within GPS tracking systems are customizable, you can use them to create many different efficiencies—chief among them is invoicing and billing clients.

Note: For most GPS tracking providers, custom forms display on either proprietary or third-party tablets that the drivers keep with them at all times.

Using custom forms for invoicing is as easy as recreating the necessary fields that your paper form included as a one-time setup for the drivers to use. You can capture pedigree information like names, addresses, contact information, and even electronic signatures from the customer. Because this is a GPS tracking feature, you already have timestamps of when your employee arrived on site and when they finished the job by completing the form.

You will significantly increase billing accuracy by invoicing customers this way. There is no disputing when an employee arrives or how long they are on the job. So, you now have a way of preventing customer disputes and enhancing worker accountability.

Increasing Billing Accuracy

In most instances, custom electronic forms also allow employees to take photos that attach to the form. This functionality enhances accountability and accuracy by adding proof of job completion because any essential notes added by employees attach to the form. 

All of your custom fields have a requirement feature that will force the employee to finish filling out the information necessary to complete a job, leaving no room for dispute. Customizable forms also provide same-day billing for customers, which also helps improve billing accuracy. 

The GPS tracking system provides everything you need to invoice a customer accurately — including timestamps, signatures, photos, and notes. Additionally, the forms are automatically sent back through the GPS Tracking software, which means you'll be able to bill customers the same day. This functionality helps avoid any delays due to a worker losing the paperwork or not handing it in promptly.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Administrative Headaches

Adding customizable forms into your workflow remove significant time spent going through handwritten paperwork, which can be prone to errors and omissions. Because these forms integrate into GPS tracking systems, it also keeps everything in one place. If a driver makes specific notes at a customer site, then those notes will always be there for that customer. You won't have to duplicate efforts by transferring employee notes from a handwritten form into another software.

How to Implement Customizable Forms

If you're ready to implement customizable forms into your workflow to improve invoicing, billing accuracy, or improve administrative efficiency, then fill out this form to speak with experts from top GPS tracking providers. They will guide you on the implementation process and how to best use the technology to grow your business and become more profitable. 

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