Truck fleet managers, drivers, dispathchers, and so many more people that involved in truck fleet management every day all deserve a little something special this holiday season. Work Truck editors compiled just a few items we thought were a little different, useful, and ideal for our specific industry needs.

BOLT Locks

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Truck Fleets

Photo: BOLT Lock

BOLT Locks make an ideal gift for anyone who values security and convenience when protecting their valuables. BOLT Locks' patented "Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology" provides a convenient security option for protecting trailers, hitches, boats, generators, kayaks and more, all while reducing key clutter on a keychain.

BOLT Locks use specially crafted tumblers to memorize a vehicle's ignition key the first time it is inserted into the lock. One complete turn of the key moves the tumblers to fit that one specific key, resulting in a uniquely programmed lock. The days of having to use different keys for each lock are gone.

Caldryn Mug for Truck Drivers

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Truck Fleets

Photo: Cauldryn

The Cauldryn is a travel mug that monitors and maintains a liquid's temperature inside the mug and features a mobile, chargeable base. Cauldryn is the rugged, professional-grade, battery-powered bottle that keeps beverages at the selected temperature for up to 10 hours. It’s designed and built for demanding conditions in and out of the driver’s seat. That’s why Cauldryn is the choice of truckers, first responders, law enforcement and military drivers who must depend on their gear to get the job done.

Cauldryn’s powerful heating element can do more than just keep your coffee at the right temperature. You can brew, heat soup, cook soluble meals; even boil water right in the bottle. The Percolator accessory allows you to brew your cup of coffee while the blender assists in meals. 

ChargeHub Auto Phone Mount/Wireless Charger

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Truck Fleets

Photo: ChargeHub

The ChargeHub Auto Phone Mount & Wireless Charger brings power and convenience to any truck. Use the included air vent clip or dashboard/windshield mount to attach the charger virtually anywhere. The wireless charging feature provides 10W of power to any compatible device and the motorized arms are enabled with automatic phone detection to grip a device when it is placed on the foot of the mount. Sensors on the side of the device detect your hand and quickly open to release your phone.

The included car charger features two parts, one of which is a quick charge port. Editors tested out the device and noted that the phone can still be easily removed from the mount when the vehicle is off and the mount is no longer powered. 

NanoTorch Twist Flash Light

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Truck Fleets

Photo: Get KeySmart

The NanoTorch Twist is an extremely bright, yet small flash light. Made from machined aluminum casing, the NanoTorch touts a 50,000-hour lifetime. At only 3.25 ounces, it’s the perfect companion for drivers to keep in their emergency bags. The rotating swivel head means this flash light can help you see into any tight crevice or strange angle and it's magnetic tail cap and pocket clip provides the ability for hands-free use. And the magnet is strong! It's a small flashlight but the magnet holds tight to even thin metals.

Work Truck editor's tested this flashlight and enjoyed the rechargable battery. In this model, you charge the battery itself with a micro-USB cable - meaning no bulky battery rechargers that often don't work in a truck. The flashlight features five light modes and truly lights up a room. 

Rhino-Rack's Winter Gear 

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Truck Fleets


Roof Top Boxes from Rhino-Rack feature a cargo box perfect for carrying snowboards and skis (under 74 inches) -- or any of those pesky work items you have trouble fitting in your vehicle. Featuring hefty interiors that allow for gallons of additional space, the sleek and aerodynamic design assists in minimizing drag while not compromising storage space. Built from tough and durable impact resistant materials, the storage unit has a proven and tested 165-pound off-road load rating and will protect your belongings from all kinds of weather.

With a dual opening system you can access your cargo from either side of the vehicle with ease. Paired with the revolutionary “twist to tighten & press to lock” clamping system ensures your roof top box is safe and secure.  

The Multi-Purpose Holder is designed for transporting long cargo like your ski poles in winter or shovels and other narrow gear during the work hours. 

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