Judith Monte, vice president of marketing and customer success for Aperia, shows reporters a...

Judith Monte, vice president of marketing and customer success for Aperia, shows reporters a real world example from UPS at the NACV Show in Atlanta.

Photo: Deborah Lockridge

Atlanta— Aperia Technologies is preparing for the full rollout of its Halo Connect tire system this November, giving fleets real-time insights into tire condition and related maintenance.

The system was unveiled in March and has completed an initial test run involving eight fleets and about 1,000 vehicles.

While related Halo Tire Inflators use the power of a rotating wheel to create air pressure, Halo Connect actively measures and adjusts tire pressures in real time. The telematics system combines the pressure-related information with precise vehicle locations, and other tire maintenance data including the information entered about tread depths and replacement details.

Halo Tire Inflators can be installed without tapping or drilling axles. They create pressure using the power of a rotating wheel.

During a press conference at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show, the company was able to offer a look at the reports associated with a UPS vehicle that had a tire leaking 16 psi per hour. The issue was spotted even when the tire’s pressure was still reaching 100 psi because of operational forces.

Halo Connect uses machine learning – and algorithms that draw on about 1.6 billion kilometers of experience with tires — to identify tire-related issues before a simple pressure gauge ever could.

And rather than dumping reports about every tire onto a fleet, the system categorizes tire-related issues by severity.

“There’s really a one plus one equals three value when you combine the inflation and the analytics,” says president and chief executive officer Josh Carter, noting how inflation issues can be addressed before casings are degraded.

“We’ve seen fleets report a 90%+ reduction in tire-related emergency roadside service since implementing Halo Connect.”

John G. Smith is the editor of the award-winning Canadian publication Today's Trucking. This article was used under a cooperative editorial sharing agreement between HDT and its Canadian counterpart.

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