Uber Freight Facility Insights Reinforce Need for Speed

Graph: Uber Freight Facilities Insights

Uber Freight published its first report delving into the results of its new Facility Ratings, reinforcing what we already knew -- keeping trucks and drivers waiting at facilities is the biggest mistake shippers make when it comes to being a "shipper of choice."

Introduced in January, this feature within the Uber Freight app lets carriers and drivers share feedback on their experiences at shipping facilities.

Uber says so far it has collected more than 250,000 unique 1-5 star ratings, as well as written reviews.

This facility ratings data is now available to all shippers via the Uber Freight platform. “Shippers now have access to the driver experience data they need to measure each facility’s performance and identify specific areas for improvement to build more efficient supply chains,” Uber said in a blog post.

The inaugural Facility Insights Report looks at data gathered via the app between January and April.

“The key takeaway is straightforward: The best way for shippers to encourage drivers to come back, again and again, is to improve efficiency and reduce wait times within their facilities, notes the report.

The most important factor in carrier and driver ratings is speed. “Fast loading” was cited in 37.1% of all reviews—that’s more than twice as many mentions as the second-most-cited indicator, “friendly service.”

Negative reviews are driven by more diverse reasons, including facility conditions, paperwork, and ease of access. Interestingly, loading / unloading times and staff still drove the highest percentage of negative reviews.

Loads are booked more quickly at facilities with higher ratings, notes the report. On average, for a 4-star facility, 18 Uber Freight app users view one load before it gets booked. But for a 5-star facility, only 9 app users view the same load before it’s booked.

“Shippers today understand that in order to future-proof their businesses, they have to collaborate with drivers, take their feedback seriously, and earn their trust through action," Uber said.

The report also looks at regional information, and found that facilities in the Southwest and West ranked highest among drivers. New Mexico claims the title for highest state ratings at a 4.71 average, and Connecticut the lowest at 4.02.

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