Ford is recalling its Ranger pickup for a possible transmission issue.

Ford is recalling its Ranger pickup for a possible transmission issue.

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Ford Motor Co. recently issued two separate safety recalls for its 2019 Ranger pickup and older Fusion sedans for possible transmission problems, reports CNET's Road Show.

The automaker is recalling an estimated 2,500 2019 Ranger midsize pickups for a transmission issue linked to fasteners. Specifically, fasteners that secure a transmission shift cable bracket to the transmission housing might not be torqued to proper specification. If one or both fasteners loosen, it could potentially allow the transmission to be in a different gear than what the driver has selected.

This scenario means the driver may assume the vehicle is in the parked position when it is not, and the vehicle could potentially roll away, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

To fix the problem, Ford dealers will torque the fasteners to the proper specification and verify that the transmission and gear level are correctly synced up. In the meantime, for added caution, Ford recommends applying the parking brake when the vehicle is turned off.

Ford is also recalling approximately 270,000 2013 to 2016 Ford Fusion midsize sedans that are equipped with Ford's 2.5-liter I-4 gas engine, because the shifter cable bushing may degrade and detach from the transmission.

If this occurs, the transmission might be in a different gear than what appears on the gear selector. This can result in rollaway of the vehicle and potential injury or collision.

To date, Ford is aware of three reports of alleged property damage and one report of injury that may be related to this defect.

The automaker is presently trying to identify the root cause of the issue and a method for final repair. Owners and dealers will be notified when a remedy is available. For now, Ford suggests motorists make liberal use of the parking brake.

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