Lorraine Martin, CEO, National Safety Council  -

Lorraine Martin, CEO, National Safety Council

Lorraine Martin, a seasoned business executive with a track record of success in both civic and corporate leadership roles, will take the helm at the National Safety Council on June 3.

As president and CEO of the council, Martin will lead the organization's activities across a spectrum of advocacy efforts, training services and product offerings — all with the overarching mission of eliminating preventable deaths.

"Saving lives and preventing needless injuries is a noble mission and one I was drawn to immediately," Martin said in a press statement. "I am deeply passionate and committed to keeping people safe wherever they are, and I will bring that commitment to NSC as we work to eliminate all preventable deaths."

Martin is now the co-founder and president of the nonprofit Pegasus Springs Foundation. At Pegasus she has focused on providing opportunities for educators, students and community members to collaborate on learning models. Martin is actively involved and passionately dedicated to social impact and global change endeavors promoting diversity, inclusion and equality.

As a champion for advancing women and girls in STEM, Martin was recently named among STEMConnector's 100 Corporate Women Leaders.

Prior to founding Pegasus, Martin served as executive vice president and deputy of Rotary and Mission Systems at Lockheed Martin. She led a team of 34,000 global employees in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia with operations in more than 75 worldwide facilities.

During the course of her career, Martin has led global aircraft and complex system development and manufacturing, always with a focus on safety for both employees and users of the products, often in high stake settings. Being at the helm of the largest defense program, F-35 Lightning II, a stealth fighter aircraft, ranks among the top achievements of Martin's career. She also spearheaded the successful operational and cultural integration of Sikorsky, a global leader in helicopters.

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