Convoy Go Makes Drop and Hook Available to Small Carriers

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Convoy Go is a new drop-and-hook marketplace that lets any U.S. trucking company or owner-operator haul pre-loaded trailers.

It’s the latest extension for Convoy, is a nationwide trucking network and platform that allows carriers and owner-operators to find loads via a free mobile app and get paid quickly.

Drop shipments (pre-loaded trailers) currently represent the majority of Fortune 500 company shipments, Convoy says, but traditionally most of these shipments have been serviced by large asset-based carriers. This new app allows smaller operations to handle drop-and-hook freight as well.

With its drop-and-hook marketplace, Convoy says Convoy Go creates a seamless “grab and go” system, where carriers simply bring their power unit, pick up a pre-loaded trailer, and hit the road. The new service uses Convoy’s Universal Trailer Pool announced nearly a year ago. This nationwide pool of Convoy-managed trailers can be used by any driver in Convoy’s network, with no rental fees.

“Convoy’s data shows that up to a third of the cost of truck freight in the U.S. is attributable to time spent either waiting for appointments, or waiting at the dock to load and unload,” said Tito Hubert, product lead for Convoy Go. “This massive amount of waste has a direct impact on increased transportation costs, decreased drivers’ earnings and reduced overall trucking capacity for shippers. We built Convoy Go to enable drivers to increase their productivity and earnings, all while providing shippers with greater capacity.”

Convoy Go reduces driver wait time in facilities from an average of three hours to less than an hour and provides 5 to 10 hour appointment windows, according to Convoy.

Convoy Go Makes Drop and Hook Available to Small Carriers

Image courtesy Convoy

Since Convoy initially piloted this offering in 2017, the company has worked with select shippers and thousands of drivers to tune the model across the Northeast, Southeast, South and West regions. Today, the program is available to all shippers and carriers nationwide.

“In the past I was able to do three to four loads a week per truck, but now, with Convoy Go, I can consistently do six loads per week per truck,” said Eduardo Canales, from Canales Trucking. “We are a small company with two trucks and, in the past, we rarely did power only loads. Now, we operate almost exclusively power-only loads with Convoy. The main upside is that the wait time is very short. We are in and out of facilities in 45 minutes versus more than four hours for live loads. Also, Convoy allows us to have power-only head-hauls and power only backhauls, which allows us to work more miles.”

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