President Trump and senior White House officials met with Bob Nuss of Nuss Truck & Equipment in...

President Trump and senior White House officials met with Bob Nuss of Nuss Truck & Equipment in Burnsville, Minnesota about taxes and the economy and asked for his support of a Federal Excise Tax repeal.

Photo via National Automobile Dealers Association

Bob Nuss, president of Nuss Truck & Equipment in Burnsville, Minnesota hosted President Trump and senior White House officials at his dealership for a roundtable discussion about taxes and the economy.

Joining the president was Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza. The discussion was hosted in front of a crowd of more than 300 attendees

Nuss also communicated to the president his views on the positive effects of tax relief on small businesses. Megan Brockway, the dealership’s HR manager was part of the roundtable discussion and noted that the president’s tax cuts had allowed the company to give a bonus to its employees.

“It’s been great to see what people have been able to do with that extra money they’re getting,” said Brockway.

The president and his staff also heard from other business leaders about the benefits of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was signed into law in 2017.

Nuss is a member of American Truck Dealers and key area of interest for the organization is a repeal of the 12% federal excise tax that is applied to most new heavy-duty trucks and trailers. ATD and the Modernize the Truck Fleet coalition has called on Congress for an FET repeal, saying that it discourages the deployment of new, safe, environmentally-friendly trucks.

Nuss delivered a letter to President Trump, asking for his support of FET repeal. The letter included an infographic showing the FET tax’s 102-year history, dating back to World War 1.

“It was an extremely high honor to have President Trump visit our Burnsville shop,” said Nuss, who was named ATD Truck Dealer of the Year in 2017. "Our employees were proud to show off the facility and I couldn’t be more grateful to the president for the chance to share with him our success story, the positive results of tax reform for our small business, and to discuss issues facing our industry."

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