Engineered with ease of use in mind, the Snap-on 1/2 Ton Telescopic Hydraulic (TJ100) and Air/Hydraulic (TJA100) Transmission Jacks feature saddles with multi-position, adjustable ratcheting arms to fit any configuration of FWD, RWD, and four-wheel drive transfer cases. Both tools are fully assembled and tested in the U.S.

"These innovative Snap-on designs eliminate the need to create non-traditional means to support irregular transmission pans," said Michael T. DeKeuster, a Snap-on Tools product manager. "The unique ratcheting arms on the TJ100 and TJA100 fit any configuration with ease and precision, making these products unmatched for helping technicians remove and install transmissions and transfer cases, while ensuring safer, controlled transport."

The TJ100 has a manual, two-stage lifting operation using hands-free foot pedals, while the TJA100 couples an air-assisted, dual hydraulic ram first-stage lifting operation with a manually-operated second stage via hand crank. With a 75-inch maximum height for unparalleled access and a 35-inch minimum height for easier transmission movement from the jack to the worktable, both transmission jacks offer a wide range of motion and utilize ball-bearing thrust washers on the saddle tilt adjusters for ease of turning.

The heavy-duty 36-inch bases also feature four five-inch polyurethane swivel casters, two in locking style, for easy maneuverability. In addition, the jacks are equipped with special, high-performance hydraulic oil for extreme temperatures and reduced wear, premium seals on pumps and ram pistons for a longer tool life, and a cam buckle tie-down strap to secure the load. Each is compliant with the most recent safety standards put forth for ASME-PASE 2014.