- Photo courtesy of Western Products

Photo courtesy of Western Products

Western Products unveiled its new 10-foot, 6-inch Heavy-Duty MVP 3 V-plow, fitting Class 4 to 6 vehicles for heavy-duty use. The plow is designed with 45-inch-tall, flared wings to accommodate the wider plow and increase its ability to move larger amounts of snow.


The Heavy-Duty MVP 3 V-plows are designed with a heavy-duty T-Frame that uses a solid, one-piece construction and includes integrated blade angle stops and an oscillating pivot bar. In addition, the thicker moldboard, more robust base angle, eight vertical ribs and the Western Power Bar provide torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate blade twisting.

Other features of the plows include a trip-edge design to protect equipment from hidden obstacles whether in v-mode, scoop, or straight blade configuration; a larger steel gap cover; and UltraLock double-acting cylinders. Curb guards also come standard.

Customers now also have the option to choose between the new Western Nighthawk LED headlamps with EdgeView technology or the existing Nighthawk dual-halogen headlamps. The LED headlamps provide a full 180 degrees of light visibility from plow edge to plow edge for the best all-around view of the plow’s operating environment.

Originally posted on Government Fleet