Lytx, a provider of video telematics, analytics, productivity, and safety solutions for commercial and public sector fleets, announced that Lauren Concrete will roll out the Lytx Driver Safety Program to its entire 245-vehicle fleet.

For almost 30 years, ready-mix concrete provider Lauren Concrete has served central, east, and west Texas through 245 concrete mixing vehicles (80% of the fleet), 18-wheel hauling trucks (18% pf the fleet), and pickup trucks (2% of the fleet). Founded in 1986 in Austin, the company has 23 batch concrete plans in Texas. The company acquired a sand and gravel mine in 2002 and owns more than 20 million tons of reserves. 

Safety lies at the heart of Lauren Concrete's mission. In 2018 alone, the company earned 13 Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) Awards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

In choosing the Lytx Driver Safety Program, Lauren Concrete appreciated the flexibility of the Lytx coaching workflow. With an emphasis on changing driver behavior through positive, constructive feedback, Lauren's leadership felt confident that Lytx would be able to support the company's unique needs and offer viable options for handling revealing data insights and safety challenges.

“Our new product portfolio allows us to meet clients where they are, whatever their priorities may be,” said Jim Brady, vice president of Product Management and User Experience at Lytx. “Clients’ needs drive everything we do, so our new portfolio offers solutions for fleets of all kinds, whether they want to know what happened in the past, manage their fleets more efficiently in the present or change driver behavior to improve the future.”

As a family-oriented company, Lauren Concrete knew the value of clearly communicating its goals for a driver safety program from the outset. Management organized town hall-style meetings with each division of the company, establishing an open dialogue with drivers around the decision.

"In choosing to partner with Lytx, we were impressed by the company's versatility and prominence in the video telematics space," said Ryan Bartholemew, CEO for Lauren Concrete. "We understood the potential of our operators to be wary of in-cab technology. We wanted to get ahead of it by opening a conversation with the whole team and reinforcing our commitment to safety. Our main priority is that each of our drivers climbs into his or her truck knowing that they're receiving the most comprehensive safety support from the Lauren team and, most importantly, that they get home safely each night. Now we have a valuable tool that can help us achieve that efficiently and effectively."

The town hall meetings offered a platform for Lauren's drivers to ask questions anonymously. What followed was a frank conversation addressing their concerns and clarifying the wide range of benefits that could result from the rollout of the Lytx Driver Safety Program. With the power of video telematics supporting its fleet, Lauren Concrete is better equipped to protect drivers from potentially litigious scenarios and coach them toward exceptional safety achievements.

“The Driver Safety Program helps us perfect the driving skills in our fleet and reduce our claims costs in the process," said Kurt Holman, Lauren’s Vice President of Safety and Environmental Affairs. "By using video telematics to improve driving habits today, we’re strengthening our bottom line for the future." 

The Lytx Driver Safety Program enables Lauren Concrete to leap forward in its fleet safety practices by getting to the truth of what occurs both inside and outside the vehicle. With targeted data revealing risky driving patterns occurring within its divisions, Lauren Concrete notes that it is now confident its whole community of drivers can benefit and grow from a video telematics-based solution.

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