Geotab has begun offering its GO9 plug-in telematics device through its reseller network.

Geotab has begun offering its GO9 plug-in telematics device through its reseller network.

Photo courtesy of Geotab.

Geotab has begun offering the latest iteration of its plug-in, connected telematics device, which is more powerful and precise that the outgoing device, the Toronto-area supplier announced.

The GO9, which replaces the GO8, allows fleet managers to track the movements and data of their fleet after it has been plugged in to the on-board diagnostics port (OBD-II) of their vehicles. The GO9 is the first in the device's history to include a gyroscope, which allows it to capture harsh braking, harsh cornering, and accident data in a more precise way. It offers better acceleration tracking with an enhanced accelerometer.

It also offers more accurate location data with a global navigation satellite GNSS module with GLONASS and GPS support, according to the company.

It also arrives with more code space than earlier devices so fleets can do more today and in the future. This also increases its compatibility with more vehicles, including electrified models.

To keep itself up to date, the connected device's firmware will be able to stay current with over-the-air software updates and better provisioning.

The GO9 retains its small form factor and ability to self-configure to most vehicles. It has been validated under a federal cybersecurity standard known as FIPS 140-2.

"We are excited to have launched the next generation of Geotab's flagship product," said Neil Cawse, Geotab's CEO. "We see this as one of the most important iterations in the history of our product line as the GO9 not only makes running your fleet simpler and more productive, but it allows Geotab to extend our capabilities and expand our presence globally."

Geotab will sell its GO9 device through its network of resellers. The telematics provider introduced its first GO device in 2000.

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