Last year, Toyota, one of the members of this memorandum of understanding, unveiled the latest...

Last year, Toyota, one of the members of this memorandum of understanding, unveiled the latest version of its Project Portal hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 truck, which it said boasts greater range and improvements to versatility and maneuverability.

Photo courtesy of Toyota.

Several developers of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and hydrogen technologies are collaborating to streamline testing of heavy-duty hydrogen fueling hardware and help standardize fuel cell electric trucks.

Air Liquide, Hyundai, NEL, Nikola Motor, Shell, and Toyota signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for hydrogen fueling components, according to a release from Nikola Motor. The primary focus of the agreement is to test hydrogen heavy duty vehicle fueling hardware for Class 8 trucks. The industry group has created specifications for the fueling nozzle, vehicle receptacle, dispenser hose and breakaway device components for this HD application for the purpose of developing request for proposals to suppliers.

This industry group is requesting notification of suppliers’ intent to participate in a pre-commercial development and test program designed specifically for this fueling hardware, according to a release. The fueling hardware samples will undergo performance tests in accordance with the appropriate industry standards along with additional aspects for this emerging market.

The goal is to expand interoperability for fueling at hydrogen stations for any heavy duty FCEV.

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