J.J. Keller & Associates plans to launch the Dash Cam Pro and  J.J. Keller Encompass Video Event Management solution, available in early April, offering a way for fleets of all sizes to manage risk, identify problematic driver behavior and provide remedial coaching and training.

The company’s dash-mounted camera technology can read traffic signs and record driving footage. Data captured with the camera can be used to help with driver compliance and coaching by providing evidence of hard acceleration, hard braking, cornering, lane drifting, following too close, rolling stops and other risky driver behaviors.

Footage is available for review through a back-office dashboard featuring detailed driver and event reporting, data trends, and mapping to pinpoint where specific events took place. Combining video intelligence with J.J. Keller’s  Encompass driver compliance dashboard delivers a unique scope of guidance that is beneficial to fleets.

“A quality in-cab video recording solution is crucial to helping fleets mitigate risk and protect their brand,” said Tom Reader, senior director of marketing at J.J. Keller & Associates. “Capturing driver video footage provides evidence leading up to an event or accident, exonerates innocent drivers, identifies fatigued or distracted driving, and delivers more information on driver behaviors — all of which can lead to reduced insurance rates and timely driver coaching, resulting in a tremendous return on investment.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info