Reviver's Neville Boston (left) and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson collaborated on a...

Reviver's Neville Boston (left) and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson collaborated on a law that enables digital license plates in the state.

Photo courtesy of Reviver Auto.

Michigan lawmakers have passed a law that would allow commercial and government fleets to use digital license plates.

The act, known as House Bill 4990 when it was first introduced in 2017, became Public Act 656 of 2018. It was passed by the state's legislature on Dec. 21 and signed by outgoing Gov. Rick Snyder on Dec. 31.

As a result, fleets and other residents can apply to use a digital license plate. Currently, only Reviver Auto, which produces the Rplate, produces a commercially available digital license plate. The company has been lobbying lawmakers and Jocelyn Benson, Michigan's secretary of state, to implement digital plates.

"We are proud to have worked closely with the department of state and Secretary Benson, as well as the Michigan legislature and other public officials, to pass this pioneering bill in the state that invented the automotive industry," said Neville Boston, Reviver's CEO.

The Rplate is available in several other states, including California where it first rolled out in June 2018, but Michigan is the first state to pass a law enabling its use. It's also been authorized for use in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. The company hopes it will expand into several other states this year.

The Rplate replaces a traditional stamped metal plate with a digital, high-definition display that helps users automate vehicle renewals, replacing legacy stickers with digital decals, and adds new levels of personalization to the license plate, including promoting charitable causes, passion for a sports team, or even a child's academic/athletic achievements.

The Rplate also enables stolen vehicle and plate detached information, as well as geo-fencing capabilities for business or governmental entities. Future features include Amber and weather alerts, automated parking, trips taken, vehicle miles traveled, and marketing capabilities.

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