The Enpak A30GBW is designed to maintain PTO-driven power capabilities for medium-duty work...

The Enpak A30GBW is designed to maintain PTO-driven power capabilities for medium-duty work trucks.

Photo courtesy of Miller Equipment Mfg. LLC

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC has introduced a new power system for work trucks. The EnPak A30GBW can reduce truck engine idle time by up to 75%, according to the company. The system will be available for diesel models in February 2019 and gasoline models in April 2019.

Tier 4 diesel truck engines that use a PTO to run jobsite tools risk truck downtime due to unnecessary idling. The EnPak A30GBW all-in-one solution maintains the power capabilities of a traditional PTO system — including compressed air, electrical power, battery charging, and welding — all while the truck’s engine is turned off. 

Work truck operators can also back up their truck battery with the EnPak A30GBW unit. Chassis Power technology provides up to 150 amps of 12-volt DC power back to the truck battery and automatically recharges it as needed throughout the day — with the truck turned off. Operators no longer need to run the truck engine to power electronics, lights, or electric-over-hydraulic cranes, and they can turn off their truck without worrying about draining the truck battery.

The system also improves fuel consumption and optimizes efficiency with two industry exclusives: Auto-Speed and Auto Start/Stop technologies. Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts the engine to run at the lowest speed to match compressed air, battery charge and weld demands of the job — providing 100 amps of welding power at idle. Auto Start/Stop automatically turns the engine on and off based on demand. In addition to fuel savings, these technologies also reduce noise, which enhances safety and improves the work environment.  

Because the EnPak A30GBW system will be available in diesel and gas models, fleet managers and truck operators can standardize fuel type and/or integrate the power system into the truck’s fuel system — eliminating the need to fill two tanks.

Originally posted on Government Fleet