Photo courtesy of Double Coin 

Photo courtesy of Double Coin

Double Coin and CMA recently unveiled a video that offers viewers a 360-degree virtual tour of its new manufacturing facility in Thailand. The new facility manufactures TBR tires, industrial tires, and OTR tires for the North American market.

“This video offers viewers an in-depth, inside look at how Double Coin combines robotics and highly advanced automation to produce market-leading tires. Our plant can produce approximately 4,100 truck and bus radials and 136 off-the-road radials each day,” said Tim Phillips, Vice President of Marketing and Operations for Double Coin. 

The virtual tour shows how the tires are manufactured, from when sap is collected from a rubber tree to the final processes. Viewers will gain insight into the technology that Double Coin utilizes at the plant. 

Originally posted on Trucking Info