Verizon Connect surveyed more than 400 users of its telematics systems to share data points as a way to salute fleet drivers as part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the telematics provider announced. The week is meant as a way to recognize professional drivers.

In the survey, Verizon Connect found that 86% of respondents feel company drivers go above and beyond their role. To identify excellent performance, respondents are most likely to look at good customer feedback (69%), safety record (63%), and performance reviews (52%). Most drivers feel appreciated by their organization (91%) and customers they serve (92%).

Other findings were that the most admired driver qualities are dedication to customer service (63%), responsibility (58%), and self dependence (48%). Most (74%) said making sure drivers feel rewarded is a high priority, while 25% said it's a medium priority.

The top reasons given for why it's important to reward drivers include better customer service (71%), fostering a positive work environment (69%), and increasing retention (61%). Monetary bonuses (60%), gift cards (43%), and experiences (36%) are the most popular ways to reward excellent driver performance.

"We have been overwhelmed with stories of drivers saving lives and keeping communities connected, but this isn't just about recognizing fleet heroics in extreme situations," said Erin Cave, vice president of product management. "It has also been heartwarming to hear how drivers go above and beyond on a daily basis. These workers are fully committed to delivering for both their employers and for their customers, and we should make every effort to celebrate their hard work."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet