Larson Electronics's 85-ft. trailer-mounted fold-over LED Megatower features IP67-rated construction and operates on voltages of 120-277V AC (universal). 

The seven-stage mobile light plant features 20 500-watt LED lights for a combined total of 1,200,000 lumens of intense white light. Light heads are grouped into banks of four and then wired into the breaker control box at the base of the mast, and operators can turn the light heads on and off with the breaker connected to each bank. 

The hydraulic telescoping light mast can elevate the light heads to heights above 85 ft., reaching 94 feet from the ground to the top of the light head. Operators can control the hydraulic ram with two push button switches — one to raise the mast to complete upright position, and another to extend the mast to its full height or retract it to its collapsed height.

The entire tower is mounted onto a 28-ft. by 8-ft. tandem axle trailer equipped with torsion axles and four wheels. A 7,000-lb. rated tongue jack provides a stable connect/disconnect platform as well as additional stability during tower deployment. 

Originally posted on Government Fleet