The XTL Truck Bed Kit, manufactured by Grote Industries, includes patented thin-film technology only 0.5 mils thick, or 0.0005 inches (equivalent to a piece of paper). The lights are come in 34-inch strips and produce 475+ lumens.

These highly flexible lights are especially useful for outdoor use, as many vehicle lighting options on the market are only recommended for interiors or light-outdoor use. This can also be useful for trucks that use tonneau covers, which can limit the effectiveness of traditional cargo lighting. Its thin profile allows for a variety of uses, including under the hood, inside truck bed toolboxes, and in a wheel well while working on a suspension.

The XTL Truck Bed Kit uses LED lights that can be easily installed into the existing lighting power system or a supplied battery box. It is waterproof, rather than just rain-resistant, and is able to withstand pressure washing with hot water. The LED light strips are also resistant to 25 of the most common chemicals associated with vehicles in the event of exposure or spills, including motor oil, diesel fuel, battery acid, gasoline, and brake fluid.

The kit also comes with super-thin pre-cut tape for easy installation. Some LED strip lighting kits come with both a battery option and a wiring harness to tap directly into the truck’s power system. 

Originally posted on Government Fleet