BrandFX EverLast composite toppers and inserts offer a secure work and storage space, backed by the latest in composite chemistry and structural design. This combination delivers the highest level of reliability and lifecycle value. Toppers and inserts from BrandFX are designed for ease of use and efficiency and are the longest lasting products of their kind on the market. These toppers and inserts deliver lightweight and high strength while providing industry-leading resistance to corrosion and are completely oxidation-free.

The BrandFX inserts are self-contained, which means they will not leak. They also allow for easy removal and transfer of content, such as additional tools, equipment, or debris without ever having to unload the unit. Additionally, these inserts have exterior side compartment doors for easy access to tools and cargo – from outside the vehicle. BrandFX toppers are

BrandFX toppers are lighlightweight, withstand even the harshest work environments, and will not warp, dent, or rust. Toppers and inserts from BrandFX come in either Plus-Top or Low-Profile designs and can accommodate all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC truck models and bed sizes. They each offer a wide range of shelving, drawer, cabinet, and lighting options, which allow for full customization of your truck or fleet. In effect, making your truck and fleet a more productive mobile operation.

Originally posted on Government Fleet