The Lock and Key from Tosibox creates a safe and secure connection between multiple locations. Users can establish a network with high-level data security in five minutes. The flexible and expandable solution works reliably with all kinds of internet connections and is especially useful in maintenance, security, and utility applications. 

Using an automatic end-to-end connection, the Lock and Key allow for data transfer that is never stored on a third-party server, and does not require a cloud-based connection method or a firewall. 

ANGI Energy Systems, a supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling equipment and systems, uses Tosibox's Lock and Key in new equipment installations. This technology allows ANGI to remotely address any problems or issues, saving time and money. It also allows the use to remotely access their fueling system and collects data from equipment throughout the refueling process to maintain operational efficiency. 

Originally posted on Government Fleet