With such features as an integrated wheel lift and touchless parameter entry, the new Hofmann geodyna 8250p is ideal wheel balancer for use on light trucks and cars.

Special features that make the new Hofmann geodyna 8250p Wheel Balancer a must-have for shops include:

Integrated Wheel Lift – automatically raises the wheel to the last centering height with the platform returning to rest position for reduced floor-to-cycle time. Sensor in handle automatically detects hand force to move lift accordingly.

Radial and Lateral Run-Out – high accuracy laser technology measures degree of deviation from a perfect circle, enabling match-mounting to improve roundness and reduce geometric vibrations.

Touchless Parameter Entry – no need for manual entry or using a measuring caliper as all of the wheel parameters are measured by lasers and the camera is built into the wheel balancer.

User Interface – highly intuitive touchscreen user interface allows for rapid, time-saving selection of cycle modes.

Customers can learn more about the innovative Hofmann geodyna 8250p Wheel Balancer and other Hofmann wheel service products by calling (800) 251-4500 or visiting www.hofmann-usa.com.

Originally posted on Government Fleet