Whether your shop does one wheel balancing job a week or several per day, the new line of John Bean Video Wheel Balancers has the perfect product to meet your shop’s needs, according to Brian Gates, product manager for John Bean.  

Designed for customers who seek a professional balancer but have a small area available in the shop, the John Bean B200S Video Wheel Balancer offers users simple data entry via the 2D SAPE and Smart Sonar. The B200S features a one-spin balance and the Virtual Plane Imaging (VPI) measuring system that offers precision and repeatability for accurate results.

Ideal for high volume wheel balancing shops, the John Bean B400L Video Balancer provides the easyWeight pinpoint indicator to position weights on the wheel during balancing. The B400L is a belt-driven balancer, ensuring 200 RPM rotational speed and is always kept constant during measurement. Also included on the John Bean B400L is the VPI measuring system, easy spoke input and an extremely short (4.5 seconds) one-spin balance.

The John Bean B600 series (B600P and B600L) of wheel balancers are perfect for shops that conduct a higher volume of balancing jobs. Offering all the features of the B200S and B400L balancers, the B600P and B600L balancers are belt-driven and have a touchscreen user interface for easy operation. An added feature of the John Bean B600P Wheel Balancer is the Power Clamp, an electromechanical clamping system.

Customers can find out more about John Bean Video Balancers and other wheel service products by calling 877-482-4866 or visiting www.johnbean.com.  

Originally posted on Government Fleet