Axalta Coating Systems' 3800S Surface Cleaner, 3821S Low VOC Cleaner and 3850S Equipment Cleaner remove dirt, grime and other substances from commercial vehicle surfaces and equipment.

The 3800S Surface Cleaner is a solvent specifically designed to remove wax, grease silicone, dirt, tar, insect remnants, road film and pinstripe adhesives. It was intended to be used on topcoats, sanded substrates, OEM finishes, cured and repainted surfaces, and sanded primers.

The 3821S Low VOC Surface Cleaner is formulated for dissolving water-soluble and light surface contamination. It is a VOC-compliant cleaner designed for surfaces such as primers, topcoats, sanded substrates, OEM finishes and cured, repainted surfaces.

The 3850S Equipment Cleaner is also VOC compliant.

Originally posted on Government Fleet