Link Manufacturing’s Electronic Air Kit for the UltraRide suspension system is designed to improve the ride and handling of light- and medium-duty work trucks, buses and emergency service vehicles.

The kit has a footprint of less than 2 feet of frame space. It provides a fast ride-height recovery and offers up to 150 psi output with minimal noise levels. The kit also features diagnostic software to assess and alert owners of any problems.

Blink codes were added to the warning lights to enable diagnosis of error and fault codes. Integrated diagnostics communications are designed to connect by USB to a Windows PC.

The kit allows for two modes of operation. An Ambulance Mode includes a System Enable Signal that prevents suspension from kneeling when the vehicle is in gear. The Tower-Hauler Mode ignores the System Enable Signal and allows a vehicle to kneel even if it is moving.

The Electronic Air Kit also includes improved frame mounting brackets for easier installation.

Originally posted on Government Fleet