3M's medium absorption capacity sorbents help handle maintenance, oil and petroleum and chemical spills. 3M offers several sorbents in the lineup for general spill control and clean-up of non-aggressive water- and petroleum-based liquids.

3M Oil & Petroleum Sorbents are reusable and contain a scrim that only takes on oil — more than 90 percent of oil can be reclaimed — that makes them ideal for automotive care and machine shops. 3M Chemical Sorbents are used for control and clean-up of the most hazardous liquids. They resist reactions with most hazardous chemicals, including acids, and also absorb petroleum- and water-based solutions.

All 3M sorbents are made with microfiber materials that contain millions of tiny pockets to absorb and hold liquids. They also contain no abrasive granules that can damage expensive equipment. 3M medium capacity sorbents feature a low loft design, added scrim to help improve product strength, and are made with at least 50-percent recycled content by weight. They are also available in two formats, pads and rolls. Once used, all 3M sorbents may be incinerated.

Originally posted on Government Fleet