The Crysteel Manufacturing A-Tipper is an aluminum dump body designed for contractors and municipalities with improved strength, durability and efficiency. The A-Tipper features fewer welds and a modern aerodynamic design.

The A-Tipper dump body has an understructure without cross members with 8-inch longsills and a 1/4-integrated, tapered cabshield. The new design reduces weight by 200 pounds.

The aluminum body also offers an increased payload capacity, corrosion resistance, and potentially lowers maintenance costs. It updates the tailgate design by adding independent tailgate latching, minimal welds and a 3/8-inch stainless steel handle. The independent locking latches allow users to drop the tailgate, spread-through or remove it altogether.

The A-Tipper comes standard with a 3/16-inch aluminum construction, rigid sides with a single panel reverse bend, tarp mounting provisions and integrated receivers, 6-inch board pockets, and LED lighting with a one-piece wiring harness.

Crysteel offers a five-year warranty on all dump bodies and hoists.

Originally posted on Government Fleet