Prolong Super Lubricants introduces an improved high-performance multi-purpose grease, Prolong EP-2.5 Grease with Anti-Friction Metal Treatment (AFMT), which is designed for long-lasting lubrication and surface protection.
The EP-2.5 Grease with AFMT is formulated for component lubrication and protection in normal and high stress automotive situations. It can also withstand the severe load environment offered by off-road vehicles, according to the company.
“We have developed our EP-2.5 Grease with AFMT using a premium formula that clings well, eases friction and reduces frequency of having to re-pack wheel bearings,” said Jeff Victer, Director of Sales – Global, Prolong Super Lubricants.  “The grease is also compatible for use where traditional silicone-based grease is used.”
Prolong’s EP-2.5 Grease with AFMT is available in 14 oz. tubes, which can be used in any standard cartridge loading grease gun. Commercial- and industrial-sized applications are also available.  

Originally posted on Government Fleet