ALM Corp. offers its WE-18 Wheel Engaging Mobile Lift, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor operation. A user can operate the WE-18 from any column. Each lifting column has a variable working height. Minimal up/down movement is possible from any column. All raise/lowering operations require one hand, and one button (push and hold). Raising the column to release the locks before lowering is not required with the WE-18. The lifting mechanism in each column is a hydraulic cylinder with dual locking systems continuously engaged.

The WE-18 employs a field adjustable height limiter. If a bay has a low ceiling, a user can set the height limiter for that application and reset to normal when moving to another bay. Employing optional MJS Mobile Jack Stands allows complete service access to wheels, brakes, and suspensions, as well as allowing for multiple vehicles to be serviced using one set of lifts.

Small wheel adapters ship with each column at no additional cost. The company mounts them on the column for added convenience.

The WE-18 is certified by ETL, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, to meet the requirements of ANSI/ALI ALCTV-1998, UL 201-1997 and bears the ALI/ETL label of compliance for the US and Canada.

Originally posted on Government Fleet