Mahle Service Solutions’ ShopPro CAJ-25 is a 25-ton commercial vehicle axle jack offering 50,000 pounds of capacity.

The compact design and low starting height of 8-inches allow CAJ-25 to be used in shop use or road service work. It features a long handle design for hard-to-engage vehicles and large rubber wheels for easy movement.

The CAJ-25 incorporates an air-driven motor that powers the hydraulic system, eliminating the manual pumping process. It also includes a feature which allows the user to reset the ram back to the minimum starting height without the need for an air hose connection.

The CAJ-25 integrates Black Hard Coating, an anti-corrosive lifetime coating that protects the threaded ram adjustment from the elements. The unit has multiple starting heights with the acme threaded screw extension and welded steel frame construction. It is modular in design – allowing users to maintain the jack through the purchase of replacement parts.

In addition to the CAJ-25, the second commercial vehicle jack offered in the line is the CAJ-35 which offers 70,000 pounds of lifting capacity.