The Phillips Industries Qwik-Check was developed for quick and easy confirmation of power within the seven-way connection between a truck and trailer.

Designed for integration into the electrical system of the nosebox, it eliminates the immediate need for a continuity tester by visually confirming an electrical signal from the tractor to the trailer.

With the tractor turned on, and power supplied to the seven-way connection, the color-coded LED lights of the Qwik-Check will light up as each circuit receives power. Each light is an indication that power to the correlating circuit is reaching the seven-way connection.  If a light does not come on, it indicates that there is a problem with the associated circuit and further investigation is warranted.

The Qwik-Check is currently offered for universal installation on any nosebox, or as a readily available replacement for units already installed on the i-Box or Volt-Box noseboxes.  The universal unit comes with 12-inch blunt cut wires and ring terminals for installation.  Replacement units come with wires pre-cut to length and ring terminals already installed.