ARIES new ActionTRAC powered running boards are off-road-ready steps that feature an innovative step-within-a-step design, smart sensors for added safety, and no-drill installation.

The step-within-a-step feature operates with integrated smart sensors that automatically deploy the power step 8 inches when the door opens; that’s up to 15 inches below the doorsill, depending on the application. The main housing offers an additional non-skid stepping surface on top, providing easy, two-step entry and exit. When the door closes, the power step is retracted and concealed within the housing. The smart sensors also detect any obstructions to avoid damage and pinch hazards.

ActionTRAC powered running boards mount using pre-existing factory holes, eliminating the need for drilling and reducing installation time. The use of factory mounting points also eliminates the need for alignment on the pivot points and the risk of binding.

The retractable running boards are constructed from powder-coated aluminum. The aluminum is 6061-T6, making it very durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. The housing keeps the power step dry in wet, muddy conditions and seals the internal components off from water, dirt and other off-road debris. The motors within the steps are water-resistant and the wiring harnesses are waterproof. This also makes cleanup very easily. Simply spray them down with a hose and let air dry.

Pickup truck applications are coming soon.