Photo of Les Schwab Tire Center in Thornton, Col., via Les Schwab.

Photo of Les Schwab Tire Center in Thornton, Col., via Les Schwab.

Les Schwab is recalling 41,336 steel-belted radial retread truck tires because the vulcanizing compound used during the process may not have been completely cured, which can lead to incomplete adhesion of the tread to the tire casing.

This scenario means the tire tread may potentially separate from the tire casing, increasing the risk of a crash. The commercial tires are in use on medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks and fit wheels with sizes from 17.5 to 24.5 inches. A full list of SKUs can be viewed here.

To fix the problem, Les Schwab will notify customers that had their tires retreaded and will exchange the affected tires for properly retreaded ones, at no cost to customers. Les Schwab is an independent tire chain operating in the western U.S. with about 470 retail locations. The Bend, Ore.-based company also operates several tire production facilities.

The retreaded tires involved in this recall were manufactured at Les Schwab's three retread facilities between Oct. 16 and Dec. 17, 2017, and have DOTR numbers that include RDNJ4217RS-RDNJ5017RS, RNVK4417RS-RNVK5017RS, and RCEE4217RS-RCEE5017RS. Customers can reach Les Schwab at (541) 416-4136.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet